Samsung electronics announced today, has been realized worldwide, the first 10 nm level DDR4 DRAM memory grain production process.

Samsung did not disclose specific figures of the new technology, only vaguely called 10 nm level or 1 x, and according to south Korean media reported earlier, samsung is 18 nm, ahead of SK hynix, such as meguiar’s rivals.

Samsung said the new technology overcomes the DRAM industry in a large number of technical challenges, including the unique unit design, quadruple exposure technique (QPT), thin dielectric layer deposition technology and so on, and still use the existing argon fluoride immersion lithography process, does not enable expensive and immature EUV extremely ultraviolet light.

New 1 x DDR4 memory particles single capacity of 8 gb (1 gb), frequency up to 3200 MHZ, compared with 20 nm process of DDR4-2400 can improve performance by 30%, 10-20% lower power consumption under the same working frequency at the same time, the mainstream PC, server, large enterprise networks, high performance computing system has broad prospects, a single biggest can do 128 gb capacity.