Apple WWDC 2016 worldwide developers conference in San Francisco, and introduced a number of software platform for update at the meeting. Here about Watch OS update.

1. The first is the overall fluency, apple will Watch OS running speed, another promotion for speed, in the background of the whole application running speed three times.

2. In the aspect of operation logic, apple iOS control center has introduced the watch OS, just drop down can pop-up control center.

3. In terms of the dial, dial watch OS to join a large number of a third party.

4. Apple to watch OS joined the movement sharing function, can real time will count and health information sharing out all aspects of the movement.

5. Joined the Scribble input mode, can be written on a narrow display normal input.

6. Under the emergency needs, watch OS will support the right button emergency call 911 or distress message and positioning of the function. This global coverage, and send information with the user’s health information.

Developer preview now available to download, download Beta is not available, a free upgrade for ordinary users are provided in the autumn.