Earlier rumors Microsoft Surface Phone will be launched three versions, but to meet with us until next year. Now, however, and The media The REM, Microsoft will be held in October this year to launch, release The legendary Surface Phon. At The same time The REM said Surface Phone does have three versions, one of The most powerful flagship configuration will provide 8 gb of memory and 512 gb flash memory, as for The price is likely to more than $1000.

Although the authenticity of the message has not been confirmed, but from past Microsoft’s flagship, new release cycle, there are still some possibilities. Because at the time of last October, Microsoft has officially launched the Lumia 950 series, so in one year after the first launch updated products, nature is a natural thing to do. The difference is that the Microsoft Surface will be new Phone, instead of the Lumia brand, so as to give people a new feeling.

It is worth mentioning that although on The release date with previous reports differ slightly, but this time, The REM or confirmed The Microsoft Surface Phone it will have three versions, and also gives some information configuration and parameters. Among them, the basic model will have 4 gb of memory and 32 gb flash memory, the standard version will load the 6 gb and 128 gb flash memory, as for the third version can be as a top-of-the-line version, is tough to beat in the configuration, will provide 8 gb of memory and 512 gb flash storage combination.

At the same time also said the us website, 8 gb RAM the Microsoft Surface of Phone prices could exceed $1000, equivalent
to about 6500 yuan or so. Now, however, the storage capacity in the industry’s largest 256 gb flash just production soon, the so-called 512 gb flash didn’t seem to have more news, so even if Microsoft prepared to smartphones as Continuum function of the computer, but seemed so super specifications configuration possibility is not too big.

In addition, according to The REM, Microsoft conference not only Surface in October Phone, and will update Surface series products, including a new generation of commercial tablet Surface Pro 5 and The second generation of laptop Surface Book 2. And last year in October, autumn conference, hosted by Microsoft, there are launched four product, respectively the second generation of sports bracelet, Lumia 950 series mobile phone, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, so from the point of view of updates to, seems to be more likely.

Now, of course, the most notable or Microsoft Surface Phone configuration have so powerful, but if the new Microsoft will indeed compatible with X86 instruction set, can be in Continuum tablet mode run the Win32 application, then the Surface Phone soared on hardware configuration or a certain theoretical basis, should believe in the coming days there will be Microsoft Surface Phone more information has been gradually exposed.