Apple’s Macbook in earlier low-key updated their product line, but just a small upgrade on the hardware, and in the true sense of brand new Macbook is expected later in the year to come. In fact, the design of the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro has for a long time, have no obvious change.

But from the perspective of a recent rumours, apple seems to be prepared a lot of surprises, such as use the OLED Touch bar instead of the traditional fingerprint identification module, function keys and add Touch ID Macbook Air and Macbook Pro two production lines at the same time also is expected to be one. Not only that, but the recent exposure of an apple patent documents show that the new may also join the 4 g LTE communication module, which means that in addition to the wi-fi and need to buy parts separately wired connection, users will be more than one way to network connections.

It is worth mentioning that is already on the market a lot of laptops equipped with mobile network communication module, and the product line also have wi-fi + Cellular version, but for the Macbook series it was the first time. Patent, but then again, the patent is only ever have Cellular version Macbook is hard to say now, and want to know the answer may have to wait until the second half of the year.