In the second half of last year’s flagship model V10, LG above the main screen using a small piece of screen, able to normally on display all kinds of basic information and make some shortcuts. In just appeared on the G5, although no vice screen, but the LG added the normally on function of the main screen, the brightness of the screen can be 30% on the top of a small area of the display of some important information, such as time and personal notice.

LG said the G5 screen function normally on power consumption per hour is only 0.8%, but also can adjust screen display area brightness according to ambient light intensity, in dim light conditions, so the actual power consumption will be even lower than this value. If calculated according to the time of ten hours a day, normally on the screen of the G5 will consume 8% of its electricity, is still a lot of value. But because users no longer need to light up the screen to view your information completely, therefore the final use screen normally on function may be more save electricity. Of course, the use of specific situation also depends on the use of different user habits.