Qualcomm has revealed, Huawei will use qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Now GeekBench database in Huawei’s new Snapdragon 820 equipment, name of the Nexus 6p.

Huawei last year using Snapdragon Nexus 6p 810 processor, memory to 3 gb. The exposure of new machine used Snapdragon 820 processor, save for 4 gb, carrying the Android N operating system, now the new handsets should be 2016 new Nexus 6p.

It is understood that the new Nexus 6p is expected to Google in May appear during the I/O. Revealed a great god @ evleaks says HTC is creating two Android 7.0 for Google Nexus equipment, name of M1 respectively and S1 (one or tablet). After Huawei 6p of the trademark is registered and Huawei’s Snapdragon 820 devices, looks like Google still chose two companies to build the Nexus, respectively.