Now, in addition to the mobile phone market, intelligent wearable devices also fierce competition. At present, Fitbit still dominates the world wearable device shipments and points at the top of their market share, but the position has not before so solid, millet, apple is hot pursuit, and more than.

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In order to stabilize the position of the first wearable device itself, according to foreign media reports, Fitbit will acquire intelligent Pebble watch manufacturers. Pebble is a start-up companies in financing, Fitbit wants to buy the purpose of quick layout smart watch market, at the same time to obtain the latter development of related systems.

At present, the wearable equipment market, by the Q2 data display, Fitbit market share of 25.4%, and millet was 14%, while the Fitbit after the acquisition of Pebble, will increase its market share. And Fitbit published this month in the third quarter results, according to the company’s revenue of $503.8 million, but the net profit drop 43%, Fitbit company listed on the nyse in 2015 when the IPO price of $50 per share, but now for just $8.40.

Pebble in October this year launched the latest smart watches, but the company in the past year always face challenges. Their 25% cut in March this year, last year and reported that its are in trouble, and thus to the traditional financing ways, such as debt financing or loans to expand liquidity.