Yesterday, the European Union announced that apple will be asked to pay the Irish government 13 billion euros ($14.6 billion) in taxes. Reason is that apple and Irish tax credit agreement, it is unfair government subsidies granted to the enterprise, in violation of the law in the European Union.

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From apple nu, cook also nu. Afterwards, apple shares fell, CEO Tim cook was published an open letter expressing discontent, and put forward to appeal. Cook denied the eu alleged tax evasion charges, he said “the eu’s a ruling that will have a serious consequences” for European companies, and he believes that “the eu’s ruling will be revoked.

At the same time, back to the $14.6 billion that figure, mobile phone, our iPhone 6 s for $649, equal to more than 2200 mobile phones and, according to Gartner statistics, in the first half of the apple shipped 44.395 million, which is accounted for more than half.