Supply chain sources, chip makers have seen iPhoneSE component orders increased. Apple previously planned 3.5 million to 4 million in the quarter shipment iPhone SE, according to a report on Tuesday, apple has revised up these orders, now apple this quarter shipment plan more than 5 million iPhones SE.

IPhone SE not only attracted new iPhone users and replacement, and it also attracts those who looking for the latest features of the user, such as A9 chip and 12 million megapixel camera And a compact 4 inches specifications. In addition, a certain extent, also let the existing iPhone user for the iPhone 7 produces more looking forward .

DigiTimes news speculation, apple is further focus on mid-range and entry-level smartphone market, thus slows down the high-end sales. It is said that Apple has slowed the iPhone 6 s orders. However, given that the iPhone 7 is expected to launch in September , the iPhone 6s production slowdown is a seasonal trend.