Blancco Technology Group today announced a very interesting data: in the fourth quarter of 2015 mobile equipment performance and health status reports, including singled out cell phone failure rate. Statistics from a diagnostic test platform SmartChk, covers millions of Android, iOS, mobile phone and tablet, want to cover the entire mobile equipment market nature is unlikely, but has some reference significance.

Note that the statistics here does not include a hardware failure, it’s just a matter of systems and applications.

1, the Android devices accounted for 85% of the total fault equipment, iOS accounted for 15%.

2, Android devices, Samsung accounted for 27%, followed by Lenovo 21%, Motorola 18%, Xiaomi 11%, Asus 8%.

3, testing equipment from Asia 50% without any problems.

4, Asia equipment application the drag on the social performance.

5, European equipment failure rate surged to 29% from 14% in the third quarter.

6, European and American area nearly three-quarters of the so-called defective equipment, actually has any problem, just user improper use.